Hello, World!

Let’s start the game!

After a triple-digit number of websites I worked on during the last few years, I finally get to have one on my own. At least one that is online and consists of something else, rather than a “Coming soon…” screen.

And oh my, is it vanilla. I decided to go with Twentyfifteen (soon to be Twentysixteen, I guess), comments and all. Quite a new experience, I would say, after working with a different, custom theme for each project.


I guess I should introduce myself. I am Radoslav Georgiev, a web developer from Bulgaria, currently living in Vienna, Austria and pushing pixels at DigitalWerk. I love every mechanical thing in existence, primarily the electronic ones. That lead to my graduation at a technical high-school and the Technical University in Varna, Bulgaria.

Most of the projects, which I work on, are WordPress based, hence I dare to call myself a WordPress developer. I focus on custom themes, but as you might now, I also do plugins.

In my free time (haha) I love riding my motorcycle or playing pool.

My intent is mostly to post development-oriented articles here. Maybe I would post some other thoughts, but I don’t plan to, at least for now. The main focus of the development articles would be “Ultimate Fields” and “Ultimate Post Types”, the two plugins which I have authored.

Currently I am working on version two of both plugins. You can read about it in the linked article.

Say hello?

You can drop me a line at rageorgiev@gmail.com. I would be glad to discuss the world with you.

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