The video of my talk about Rila in Varna is online!

A couple of months ago I gave a talk about Rila Framework at the WordPress meetup in Varna, Bulgaria. Thanks to Georgi Popov, the video of the talk is now accessible at

Here is the video. If you speak Bulgarian and are interested in WordPress theme development, I would highly recommend that you watch it 🙂


Ultimate FIelds loses its multilingual functionality

The next big version of Ultimate Fields is in development and will probably get released in the fall. Version 3 (2 was 99% ready, but I decided to skip it) brings tons of changes even on top of 2, but this is a topic for another article.

One of those changes will be the removal of qTranslate support. I am aware that many users choose Ultimate Fields because of this feature, however at the time of writing this article qTranslate has been long gone and qTranslate X is not being maintained anymore.

When Ultimate Fields 1 was released, qTranslate was a very popular plugin and even I was using it for most of my projects. Since then I came to the conclusion that there are too many things, which are problematic about the one field-multiple values approach. That, combined with the fact that qTranslate X is not really being supported led me to this decision.

If you are using Ultimate Fields in combination with qTranslate X at the moment, please write a comment below this article to describe what types of multilingual fields you are using.

If enough people request it, I will probably try to implement some limited multilingual functionality (no conditional logic, no repeatable fields, no required fields) in order not to break any websites.

The birth of Ultimate Fields

I am the author of Ultimate Fields ( and Ultimate Post Types ( Those plugins have been online for more than a year now and I am more than happy enough so far. Right now Ultimate Fields has more than 800 installs and Ultimate Post Types has more than 200. Those are not the best numbers, but we will get to this later, after I inform you how it all got there. Continue reading “The birth of Ultimate Fields”